10 Best Free Audio Mastering Software Tools for 2024

In 2024, you’ve got powerful options for free audio mastering. Waveform Free offers an extensive toolkit and unlimited tracks, perfect for any project. Audo AI applies AI technology to refine audio and eliminate background noise, simplifying the mastering process. LALAL.AI, tailored for diverse audio content, uses AI for professional mastering adjustments. TDR Nova excels in dynamic processing, targeting high-frequency inconsistencies with precision. Audioshake introduces AI-powered stem creation, enhancing versatility for artists and labels. These tools not only meet technical requirements with precision but also leverage AI for quality that rivals professional studios. Discovering the full capabilities of each will equip you with unmatched audio mastery.

Key Takeaways

  • Waveform Free offers an unlimited track DAW with a comprehensive mastering toolkit for enhanced audio performance.
  • Audo AI simplifies audio mastering by using AI to refine content, eliminate noise, and enhance speech clarity.
  • LALAL.AI is tailored for music and podcast mastering, utilizing AI for professional adjustments without software installation.
  • TDR Nova provides precise dynamic EQ and compression, targeting high-frequency inconsistencies and vocal harshness for clear audio.
  • Audioshake features AI-powered stem creation and audio enhancement, catering to the intricate needs of independent artists and labels.

Waveform Free

Waveform Free stands out as a fully-featured Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) that offers unlimited audio and MIDI tracks, guaranteeing regular updates to enhance its performance and capabilities. When you explore mastering techniques with Waveform Free, you’ll discover its extensive toolkit empowers you to refine your tracks to a professional sheen. Its audio enhancement techniques are particularly remarkable, allowing for precise adjustments and enhancements to your sound.

Utilizing Waveform Free’s mastering capabilities necessitates a technical understanding of its dynamic range compression, equalization, and stereo enhancement tools. By carefully applying these features, you can notably elevate the quality of your final mix. The DAW’s user-friendly interface streamlines the mastering process, making it approachable even for those new to audio production, yet it doesn’t compromise on the depth of control required by more experienced users.

Moreover, Waveform Free’s regular updates mean that you’re always equipped with the latest audio enhancement techniques and mastering tools. This ensures your productions stay competitive and sound current. By mastering the use of Waveform Free, you position yourself to achieve top-tier audio results without the burden of costly software expenses.

Audo AI

You’ll find that Audo AI stands out for its ability to refine audio content, specifically by eliminating background noise and enhancing speech clarity for podcasts and YouTube videos.

Its application of AI technology not only simplifies the audio mastering process but also extends its utility to users without advanced editing skills or professional equipment.

Exploring the capabilities of Audo AI and considering its future developments offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of accessible, high-quality audio production tools.

Audo AI Capabilities

Exploring the capabilities of Audo AI, it’s clear that this tool greatly streamlines the process of improving audio content for podcasts and YouTube videos by removing background noise and enhancing speech clarity. Audo AI’s innovative approach to audio enhancement and noise reduction means you don’t need a high-end microphone or professional studio setup to achieve clean, professional-sounding audio.

Its sophisticated algorithms analyze your audio in real-time, distinguishing between speech and unwanted noise, ensuring only your voice is enhanced and heard clearly. This level of precision in enhancing speech clarity while effectively minimizing background noise makes Audo AI a highly valued tool among content creators.

Its user-friendly interface further simplifies audio editing, allowing creators to focus on content rather than complex audio post-production processes.

Future of Audo AI

As Audo AI continues to evolve, it’s poised to revolutionize the audio editing landscape by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to further enhance its capabilities. With AI advancements driving audio innovation, Audo AI is set to introduce more sophisticated features that cater to an even wider array of audio enhancement needs.

Imagine the potential:

  • Real-time audio cleaning that adapts to various environments, ensuring crystal clear recordings without the need for retakes.
  • Advanced voice modulation tools that allow for seamless adjustments to tone, pitch, and emotion, making text-to-speech more natural and engaging.
  • Intelligent background noise analysis and removal, which can differentiate between numerous sound types for more precise editing.

These innovations promise to elevate Audo AI’s status among content creators, offering unparalleled ease-of-use and professional audio results.


As you explore LALAL.AI, an AI-driven platform for audio mastering, you’ll find its key features tailored for enhancing music tracks, podcasts, and various audio content.

The tool allows you to upload your files for professional mastering, offering adjustments in loudness, dynamics, and sound quality.

Understanding its usage and limitations is essential for optimizing your audio projects with this user-friendly service.

Key Features Overview

LALAL.AI’s cutting-edge AI technology enables precise extraction of vocals, bass, drums, guitar, and piano from any audio track, directly in your browser, ensuring your data remains private. It’s a game-changer for mixing techniques and aligning with current audio production trends, offering a seamless user experience without the need for software installation. This tool greatly enhances your ability to isolate music elements, revolutionizing how you approach audio mastering.

Usage and Limitations

Understanding the capabilities of LALAL.AI sets the stage for exploring its usage scenarios and inherent limitations. As a free online tool, it excels in separating vocals, drums, bass, guitar, and piano from music tracks, making it a valuable asset for audio editing and sound manipulation.

Its operation within the browser guarantees your privacy is maintained, as it doesn’t store any data. This makes LALAL.AI incredibly popular among musicians, producers, and audio enthusiasts for its accurate extraction capabilities and ease of use.

However, being an online tool, its effectiveness is contingent on your internet connection’s stability and speed. Also, while it’s free and doesn’t require installation, its advanced features might be limited compared to paid software, potentially restricting more complex audio mastering projects.

TDR Nova

TDR Nova adeptly targets and corrects high-frequency inconsistencies in audio tracks, employing dynamic EQ and compression for precise control. This tool is a powerhouse for dynamic processing and high-frequency control, guaranteeing that your audio productions retain clarity and polish. By utilizing TDR Nova, you’re equipped to tackle the most challenging aspects of audio mastering with confidence.

Dynamic EQ settings allow for fast Attack and Release, enabling you to manage transient high frequencies efficiently. The inclusion of a second Band with a sharp bell curve specifically addresses harshness in vocals, smoothing out your tracks without compromising their natural quality. TDR Nova’s precision in controlling and shaping high frequencies ensures that your mix sounds balanced, with each element standing out clearly.

Through technical finesse, TDR Nova provides a solution that’s both effective and nuanced, making it an indispensable tool for anyone looking to enhance their audio productions. Its ability to intuitively correct and refine sound, coupled with the analytical approach it offers, ensures that your tracks not only meet but surpass professional mastering standards.


Shifting your focus to Audioshake, you’ll find its AI-powered capabilities provide a strong foundation for stem creation and audio enhancement.

Its features cater to independent artists as well as meet the intricate requirements of labels and enterprise services, highlighting its versatility.

Knowing how to utilize its free trial and advanced processing features can greatly enhance your music production process.

Features Overview

Audioshake introduces an innovative AI-powered platform, enabling independent artists to effortlessly upload tracks and generate high-quality stems tailored to the needs of labels, producers, and enterprises alike. With a focus on technical excellence, this tool stands out through its:

  • In-depth stem separation comparison, allowing for precise mastering techniques that are customizable to various projects.
  • Support for a wide array of audio file formats, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for all users.
  • Integration of advanced mastering plugins, facilitating a seamless and efficient workflow.

Audioshake’s capabilities extend beyond simple stem creation, offering tools for audio to MIDI conversion and note editing, all while guaranteeing high-quality results. This platform is a cornerstone for those seeking to innovate and enhance their music production process.

Usage Tips

To maximize your music production with Audioshake, it’s essential to first familiarize yourself with its stem creation and audio processing functionalities. Audioshake’s platform empowers you to dissect and refine tracks with precision, leveraging AI for advanced stem separation. Understanding these capabilities enables you to enhance your audio processing efficiency to a great extent.

Feature Benefit
Stem Creation Allows for detailed audio editing and mixing
Audio Processing Enhances sound quality for professional output
AI Technology Automates complex separation tasks
Online Access Provides convenience and flexibility


Samplab revolutionizes music production with its AI-driven capabilities, offering note editing, chord detection, stem separation, and audio to MIDI conversion for enhanced creative processes. As a versatile tool in the domain of AI music and audio editing, it empowers you to explore further into your musical creations, transforming raw ideas into polished artworks.

  • AI music generation: Imagine the ability to generate text-to-audio samples, pushing the boundaries of creativity and offering unique soundscapes for your projects.
  • Comprehensive audio editing: With note editing and chord detection, you’re equipped to refine melodies, harmonies, and rhythms, ensuring every element of your track is perfectly aligned.
  • Stem separation and conversion: This feature allows for precise manipulation of individual components within a mix, converting them into MIDI for further creative exploration.

Available as a VST3 plugin, Samplab seamlessly integrates into your digital audio workstation, enhancing workflow efficiency. It’s designed for musicians, producers, and creators seeking advanced music processing features to elevate their production quality. By utilizing Samplab, you’re not just editing audio; you’re shaping soundscapes with precision, ensuring each note conveys the intended emotional impact.


Fadr stands out as a free online audio mastering tool, offering mastering presets tailored to a variety of music genres. This platform elevates your music production by integrating advanced mastering techniques directly accessible through your web browser. With Fadr, you’re not just applying a vital one-size-fits-all solution; you’re engaging in a nuanced process of audio enhancement, relevant to the unique character of each genre.

The tool’s interface empowers you to refine your tracks with precise adjustments in EQ, compression, and limiting. These are essential components in the mastering process, allowing for a balance between loudness and dynamic range that’s important for professional-sounding music. Fadr’s user-friendly design ensures that even those new to mastering can achieve desirable results, enhancing the overall clarity, depth, and loudness of their audio files.

Moreover, the ability to download the mastered audio files in high quality means that your work is ready for distribution on any platform, maintaining its enhanced characteristics. Fadr’s commitment to accessibility and quality makes it an invaluable asset for musicians and producers looking to elevate their sound without the need for expensive software or equipment.


Venturing beyond mastering tools like Fadr, let’s delve into DeskFX, a product by NCH Software designed to modify and enhance audio through your speakers or headphones. Priced at $29.99, DeskFX isn’t just about delivering audio; it’s about transforming it to suit your preferences and the demands of the content you’re consuming. Whether you’re streaming music, playing video games, or watching movies, this software’s capability for audio enhancement and creating custom effects is unparalleled.

With DeskFX, you explore an intuitive interface that allows for:

  • Layering of effects such as equalize, reverb, wahwah, vibrato, and tremolo to craft a sound that’s uniquely yours.
  • Compatibility with various music streaming platforms and games, ensuring your audio enhancement isn’t limited to a single source.
  • Easy customization of audio effects, offering both novices and audiophiles the tools they need to enhance their listening experience.

DeskFX isn’t just about improving sound quality; it’s about redefining your audio landscape. The ability to layer effects and adjust them to your liking ensures a personalized audio experience that can notably enhance the enjoyment of your music and audio content.


For podcast creators seeking a streamlined, professional-grade solution, BounceCast offers an all-in-one platform designed to effortlessly record, trim, and convert podcasts with automatic enhancements and mastering. At $99 per year, this tool stands out for its complete approach to delivering high-quality, speech-based content. Through intelligent audio processing, BounceCast guarantees that your podcasts are optimized for sound quality, regardless of the recording situation or environment. This adaptability is crucial in a BounceCast comparison with other software, highlighting its superior capability to enhance audio based on actual recording conditions.

BounceCast reviews often emphasize its user-friendly interface, which caters to both desktop and mobile recording options, making it versatile for various podcasting requirements. The automatic features for recording, trimming, and converting podcasts underscore its value, particularly for creators focused on producing professional-level audio without getting bogged down in technical complexities. By integrating such advanced functionalities, BounceCast not only simplifies the podcasting process but also elevates the quality of the final product, positioning itself as a top contender in the world of audio mastering tools for podcasters.


Sequoia sets the industry standard in audio production, offering unparalleled stability, seamless processing, and cutting-edge editing capabilities. With its foundation deeply rooted in the needs of Europe’s top broadcasters, it’s engineered to provide scalable and flexible network and hardware integration. This guarantees that you’re working in an environment that not only meets but surpasses professional demands.

Consider the following aspects that make Sequoia a pivotal tool in your audio mastering arsenal:

  • Advanced Audio Restoration: Sequoia is equipped with sophisticated tools designed for audio restoration. This means you can salvage and enhance recordings that might’ve been considered lost causes, ensuring every detail is preserved and every imperfection is addressed.
  • Mastering Techniques: It employs best-in-class algorithms for resampling tasks, setting a high benchmark for mastering techniques. This capability guarantees your final product is of the utmost quality, regardless of the source material.
  • Realistic 3D Audio Production: Sequoia stands out for its ability to create immersive 3D audio landscapes, making it an indispensable tool for projects demanding the highest level of audio realism.

Available for €200 per year, Sequoia isn’t just software; it’s a complete solution that elevates your audio production and mastering capabilities to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Software Is Best for Mastering Music?

For mastering music, you’ll want software that adapts to mastering trends and supports genre-specific mastering. Waveform Free, with its regular updates, offers a robust solution, blending technical precision with versatile, analytical features for best audio enhancement.

What Is the Best Free Online Music Mastering Tool?

You’re seeking the top free online music mastering tool, focusing on mastering trends and audio quality. Diktatorial Suite stands out with AI-driven precision, enhancing your tracks for streaming with genre-specific effects and text prompts.

What Is the Best Free Mastering Plugin?

Considering plugin compatibility and mastering techniques, TDR Nova stands out as the best free mastering plugin. It dynamically EQs and compresses high frequencies, addressing inconsistencies with precision, essential for a polished, professional sound.

What Tools Do Mastering Engineers Use?

Mastering engineers rely on tools integrating hardware and cutting-edge techniques, including EQ, compression, and stereo enhancement. They meticulously balance audio for clarity, ensuring your tracks stand out with precision and professional quality.


To sum up, you’ve got a diverse toolkit at your disposal for mastering your audio in 2024, each offering unique features and functionalities. Whether you’re leaning towards the intuitive interface of Waveform Free, embracing the cutting-edge AI capabilities of Audo AI and LALAL.AI, or preferring the precision of TDR Nova, these tools guarantee your tracks achieve professional-grade sound quality.

With options like Audioshake and BounceCast, you’re equipped to tackle any audio challenge, making sure your projects stand out in clarity and depth.