Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Build an effective Twitter following and increase sales.

A good social media following builds a great first impression. By sending the right impression to potential customers, it helps them choose you over the competition. You can use social media as a way to gain fans or promote your music.

We have highly skilled social media experts that can grow your following quickly and improve your visibility to fans.

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How We Do It

The service we offer is an automated system, although we do a lot of manual work finding your target audience with filters, keywords and other tools. We then follow or like recent posts of those accounts on your behalf. This gets a highly successful followback ratio and most importantly, these are real followers interested in what you do. It’s a proven method to generate music sales and gigs.

Once we’ve followed the accounts, we then unfollow the accounts within a few days, to leave space to follow new ones. This also keeps your account looking normal.

We warm your account up (not doing too many actions) for the first 7- 10 days. This is so everything looks natural. You’ll start to see great results from around 14 days onwards.

We offer a 3 packages, which are as follows;

Twitter growth (£50)

This focuses on getting new followers. We do this by following accounts in your niche. Using filters and keywords, we’ll search through that list of followers and pick out the ones that match your criteria. This plan focuses on the follow/unfollow method but also uses strategic likes on tweets to get attention. All accounts are unfollowed at a later date, unless you have a specific reason to carry on following them. Anyone that does follow you back, won’t be unfollowed for a couple of weeks, so they’re less likely to notice the unfollow.

Twitter growth & engagement (£99)

This plan adds engagement with your current followers on top of the growth plan. This is two fold, where we engage with your current followers via likes on their tweets (with strict criteria) but also find people that are liking/commenting/retweeting on related posts and engaging with them, helping build a following that is more likely to engage with your posts.

Twitter growth, engagement and content (£125)

This plan adds retweeting to the above plan. This is useful if you don’t have time to retweet content to your followers yourself. You would give me a list of big Twitter accounts that are posting great content in your niche and then I’d set filters to find tweets that are useful to your followers. If the criteria is met, it then retweets it. You can set any amount of retweets and it’s a great way to keep followers engaging with your page everyday.

How The Monthly Subscription Works

You’re not tied into anything. It’s a subscription that you control and you can cancel at any time, either by letting us know, or in recurring payments (Paypal) or online banking (debit/credit card).

The Process

Target audience – Once you start working with us, we work out your target audience and find them using keywords and other tools.

Which accounts – Once we know your target audience, we’ll discuss which social media accounts will be most beneficial to build.

Begin implementation – Once you’re happy with the target audience & accounts, we start work on building your numbers.

Review figures – We constantly check and review the figures on a daily basis to make sure you’re following is building to capacity.

Feedback & improvements – All along the way, we’ll keep in touch with you to make sure you’re happy with how it’s going and also to make any changes to target audience.

Why Choose Product London

With over 30 years experience working in the design industry, we’re well placed to understand your needs. Our social media experts will take the time to listen and get the information needed to grow your social media following

We want to give you peace of mind when booking a design through us. That’s why we offer a full money back guarantee up until and including the initial work. We want to ensure you’re going to get a social media following you’re 100% happy with and will convert into sales for a long time.

Twitter GrowthTwitter Growth & EngagementTwitter Growth, Engagement & Content
£50 per month£99 month£125 per month
One month of social media growth (billed monthly)One month of social media growth (billed monthly)One month of social media growth (billed monthly)
Target keyword and hastags to find audienceTarget keyword and hastags to find audienceTarget keyword and hastags to find audience
Average of 50 - 70 Twitter followers per dayAverage of 70 - 100 Twitter followers per dayAverage of 70 - 100 Twitter followers per day
Great for getting new followers and music promotion for your account.Very high engagement rates. Keeps engaging with your current followers.Repost content. Great if you don't have time to run your account.
Full money back guarantee!Full money back guarantee!Full money back guarantee!


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