Elevate Your Beats With These Top 5 Volca Sample Packs

For music producers seeking to enhance their craft, the right sample packs can make all the difference. Our curated selection of the top 5 Volca Sample Packs, featuring contributions from renowned artists such as Da Sunlounge and El Train, offers a diverse range of sounds and textures designed to refine your productions. Whether you aim to infuse your tracks with the laid-back grooves of the 100 BPM Pack or experiment with innovative techniques using the Nick Minieri Pack, these tools are indispensable. Discover how these expertly crafted packs can transform your music production journey in unexpected ways.

Key Takeaways

  • Da Sunlounge Pack offers 200 fresh samples and 16 sequences, perfect for crafting immersive deep house tracks.
  • El Train Pack blends Hip Hop and House/Garage grooves with live instruments, providing versatile tones for electronic music.
  • 100 BPM Pack introduces west coast flavored laid-back grooves, enhancing beats with smooth hip hop and RnB influences.
  • VBKorg Volca Beats provides 240 meticulously recorded one-shot samples, demonstrating advanced sampling techniques for various genres.
  • Nick Minieri Pack features 100 samples and 16 sequences, encouraging creative sound design and exploration of new production techniques.

Da Sunlounge Pack

Da Sunlounge Pack, meticulously crafted by an industry veteran with over two decades of deep house expertise, features 200 fresh samples and 16 sequences designed to infuse your tracks with a classic deep house atmosphere.

Drawing from his extensive experience, Da Sunlounge has utilized old school techniques and vintage equipment like the Korg Prologue and Volca Drum to create samples that authentically capture the essence of deep house.

The pack’s samples are a reflection of Da Sunlounge’s profound understanding of the genre, offering a rich tapestry of sounds that add depth and character to any production. The use of old school sampler tricks ensures that each sound carries a unique warmth and texture, reminiscent of the golden era of deep house.

These elements, combined with meticulously programmed sequences, provide producers with an invaluable resource for crafting immersive and dynamic tracks.

Notably, Da Sunlounge’s contributions to the music world have been recognized in top-tier platforms such as Mixmag, Fabric compilations, and even video games, further solidifying the credibility and quality of the Sunlounge Pack.

This collection is essential for any producer looking to enhance their beats with authentic deep house vibes.

El Train Pack

Expanding on the deep house expertise of the Da Sunlounge Pack, the El Train Pack introduces a sophisticated blend of smooth Hip Hop and House/Garage grooves tailored for the volca sample 2. Crafted by renowned DJ and producer Luke Nyeke, aka El. Train, this pack stands out with its impeccable mix of live instrumentation and synthesized sounds, offering a rich palette of versatile tones for any music production.

The El Train Pack seamlessly combines the organic warmth of live instruments with the precision of electronic fusion, creating a sonic landscape that is both innovative and deeply engaging. Each sample is carefully crafted to add artistic textures and unique vibes to your beats, making it an essential tool for electronic music enthusiasts.

Ideal for those seeking to enhance their sound, the El Train Pack provides a variety of samples that can be easily accessed through the volca sample librarian. Whether you’re aiming to create smooth Hip Hop beats or dynamic House grooves, this pack offers the flexibility and quality required to propel your music production to new levels.

Immerse yourself in the world of El Train and uncover a fresh, inspiring dimension to your beats.

100 BPM Pack

The BPM Pack for the Korg Volca Sample introduces a meticulously curated collection of west coast flavored laid-back grooves, designed to infuse your beats with smooth hip hop and RnB influences. Crafted by Ian Bradshaw from KORG UK, this pack is a treasure trove for producers aiming to enhance productivity and enrich their compositions with sixteen new patterns.

Each pattern is carefully constructed to provide depth and space, utilizing advanced performance features unique to this pack. To maximize creative potential, the BPM Pack leverages the pattern chain mode, allowing users to arrange patterns in pairs for added variety. This configuration not only streamlines the workflow but also opens up expansive possibilities for dynamic beat-making.

Here are some key features that make this pack indispensable:

  1. West Coast Flavored Grooves: Immerse your productions with the iconic smoothness and laid-back vibe characteristic of the west coast sound.
  2. Hip Hop & RnB Influences: Infuse your tracks with the soulful and rhythmic elements of hip hop and RnB.
  3. Enhanced Performance Features: Utilize new techniques to add depth and space to your beats.
  4. Pattern Chain Mode: Seamlessly combine patterns to create complex and engaging sequences.

These features collectively facilitate sophisticated music production techniques, ensuring the BPM Pack is a valuable asset for any producer looking to enhance their beats.

VBKorg Volca Beats

Crafted specifically for the Korg Volca Beats Analog Drum Machine, the VBKorg Volca Beats Sample Pack offers an extensive collection of 240 meticulously recorded one-shot samples, available in three different versions to cater to a wide array of musical genres. This sample pack is an essential tool for modern music production, providing an incredible range of sounds that enhance the creative potential of producers.

The VBKorg Volca Beats Sample Pack is a demonstration of advanced sampling techniques and current electronic music trends. By incorporating these high-quality samples, producers can infuse their tracks with unique textures and rhythms characteristic of analog drum machines. This versatility makes it suitable for various genres, from techno to hip-hop.

Feature Details
Total Samples 240
Versions 3
Compatibility Korg Volca Beats Analog Drum Machine
Price Free

The pack’s accessibility as a free download underscores its value, not only from a cost perspective but also in enriching the music production landscape. It encourages support for creators and democratizes high-quality sound production, making it a must-have resource for anyone keen to explore the full potential of their Korg Volca Beats.

Nick Minieri Pack

Diving into the Nick Minieri Pack for the Korg Volca Sample 2, you’ll discover a meticulously curated collection of 100 fresh samples and 16 sequences crafted to enhance your music production capabilities. As a free bonus pack, this collection is a treasure trove for musicians seeking innovative sound design and advanced production techniques. Each sample and sequence is crafted using the Korg Volca Sample 2 alongside other sophisticated equipment, ensuring a distinctive auditory experience.

Nick Minieri’s expertise in sampling and music creation is evident throughout the pack. The samples are designed to be versatile, fitting seamlessly into various genres and styles. The sequences provide a foundation for intricate patterns, allowing users to build upon them or use them as-is for immediate inspiration.

Here are some standout features of the Nick Minieri Pack:

  1. Diverse Range of Samples: With 100 unique samples, including drums, synths, and effects, this pack offers a broad palette for creative sound design.
  2. Pre-Configured Sequences: The 16 sequences are ready to use, giving you a head start in music creation.
  3. Easy Integration: Accessible through the Volca Sample librarian, download and integration are straightforward.
  4. Enhanced Production Techniques: The pack encourages exploration of new production techniques with its top-tier sound quality and diversity.

This pack is an essential addition for any Volca Sample 2 user aiming to expand their sonic toolkit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Your Own Samples on Volca Sample?

Yes, you can upload your own samples to the Korg Volca Sample. Utilizing USB transfer and efficient sample management through the Volca Sample Librarian software, you can import up to 100 custom samples, enhancing your creative possibilities to a great extent.

How Many Samples Can You Have in a Volca Sample?

The Korg Volca Sample offers a storage capacity of up to 200 samples, allowing for extensive sample management. Each slot can accommodate unique sounds or loops, facilitating a versatile and creative approach to beat-making and live performances.

What Is the Sound Quality of the Volca Sample?

The Volca Sample’s sound quality uniquely combines analog warmth with digital fidelity, resulting in a lo-fi crunch that enriches beats. Users can further enhance this characteristic sound through customizable analog isolator and reverb effects.

How Do I Add Samples to My Korg Volca Sample 2?

To add samples to your Korg Volca Sample 2, connect via the micro USB port for sample transfer. Make sure your samples are in a compatible audio format, then drag and drop them into the volca sample librarian software interface.


To sum up, the curated Volca Sample Packs effectively provide a wide array of sounds and production tools for diverse musical styles. From Da Sunlounge’s deep house mastery to El Train’s seamless Hip Hop and House/Garage fusion, these packs offer sonic versatility.

The 100 BPM Pack‘s laid-back grooves, VBKorg Volca Beats’ rhythmic precision, and Nick Minieri‘s innovative techniques collectively enhance the creative potential for music producers, ensuring the production of immersive and dynamic tracks.

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