Discover 7 Websites to Download Free Vocal Sample Packs

In the ever-evolving landscape of music production, the availability of high-quality vocal samples can greatly enhance your projects. The digital world offers a myriad of platforms that provide free vocal sample packs, each with unique offerings tailored to various genres and styles. Whether you are an EDM producer seeking soulful vocal cuts or a hip-hop enthusiast in need of crisp, genre-specific samples, discovering the right sources is essential. This discussion aims to introduce you to seven remarkable websites that could become your go-to resources for expanding your vocal sample library and enhancing your creative process.

Key Takeaways

  • Splice offers high-quality vocal samples from top-tier artists and producers, accessible with a subscription.
  • Looperman provides a vast array of free, user-contributed vocal samples covering diverse genres and styles.
  • SampleSwap features an extensive library of royalty-free vocal loops and acapellas for various musical styles.
  • LANDR offers a curated pack of 50 soulful vocal samples for EDM producers, available for free with an account.
  • Cymatics provides high-caliber, royalty-free vocal samples tailored for EDM, trap, and hip-hop genres.


Splice stands as a premier resource for music producers, providing an extensive library of vocal sample packs that feature contributions from top-tier artists and producers. This platform offers an unparalleled repository of high-quality vocal samples, catering to a vast array of genres and production styles.

By subscribing to Splice, users gain access to unlimited downloads, enabling them to explore, experiment, and integrate diverse vocal elements into their projects without restrictions. The platform’s integration of top artists guarantees that the vocal samples available are not only professionally produced but also industry-relevant.

Users can preview and audition these samples before committing to a download, offering a streamlined workflow that enhances the creative process. The inclusion of artists and producers who are at the pinnacle of the music industry further solidifies Splice’s reputation as a go-to resource for cutting-edge vocal samples.

In addition to its extensive library, Splice’s user-friendly interface and robust search functionalities allow producers to quickly find the perfect vocal sample for their needs. Whether working on electronic dance music, hip-hop, pop, or any other genre, Splice’s diverse selection and unlimited download capability empower music creators to enhance their productions with ease.


Looperman provides an extensive repository of free vocal samples. These samples are fueled by user-contributed content, ensuring a continuous influx of fresh material. The platform’s collection spans a multitude of vocal styles, catering to diverse genres and production needs.

Free Vocal Samples

For music producers seeking diverse and royalty-free vocal loops, one invaluable resource is an online platform offering an extensive library that spans multiple genres, BPMs, and keys. Looperman stands out in this regard, providing a wide selection of free vocal samples, perfect for integrating into diverse musical projects. The platform’s focus on high-quality vocal recording techniques guarantees that users receive pristine audio, ready for creative vocal processing and manipulation.

Producers leveraging Looperman’s resources can explore a variety of vocal sample manipulation techniques. This includes time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and layering to craft unique vocal textures. Additionally, the platform caters to various vocal mixing tips, offering samples that sit well in a mix, facilitating seamless integration with other elements of a track.

Looperman’s extensive catalog includes vocal samples from various genres, BPMs, and keys, enabling producers to find the perfect match for their compositions.

Whether working on electronic dance music, hip-hop, or ambient tracks, the platform offers a rich repository of acapellas and loops. The ease of use and the quality of samples available on Looperman make it a go-to resource for any producer looking to enhance their music with professional-grade vocal elements.

User-Contributed Content

Leveraging the collaborative essence of Looperman, music producers gain access to a vast array of user-contributed vocal samples, acapellas, and loops, fostering a rich environment for innovative sound design. This platform stands out for its extensive repository of user-generated content, which aligns with current music production trends favoring community-driven creativity and resource sharing.

Producers can navigate through an eclectic assortment of vocal samples, ranging from soulful acapellas to punchy vocal loops, making Looperman a fertile ground for vocal inspiration. The website’s dedication to free access guarantees that producers at any level can explore and download high-quality vocal elements to enhance their tracks. Additionally, the diversity of contributions reflects a broad spectrum of genres and styles, which supports creative collaborations and cross-genre experimentation.

Looperman’s user-generated content not only democratizes the music production process but also serves as a barometer for emerging trends. By facilitating the exchange of unique vocal samples, it enables producers to stay at the cutting edge of innovation, integrating fresh, crowd-sourced elements into their compositions.

Ultimately, Looperman exemplifies how user-contributed resources can drive and sustain momentum in the ever-evolving landscape of music production.

Diverse Vocal Styles

A treasure trove of diverse vocal styles awaits music producers on Looperman, spanning genres such as pop, EDM, hip-hop, trap, RnB, house, and techno. Looperman’s extensive catalog offers a myriad of vocal samples, from acapellas to vocal loops, meticulously designed to cater to various production needs. Each sample is crafted to fit seamlessly into different musical contexts, providing producers with professional-grade vocals to enhance their tracks.

For those seeking to refine their production skills, Looperman also provides a wealth of resources and tutorials.

  1. Vocal Mixing Techniques and Vocal Processing Tutorials: Looperman features detailed guides on how to effectively mix and process vocals. These tutorials cover everything from EQ adjustments to dynamic range compression, ensuring your vocals sit perfectly within your mix.
  2. Vocal Arrangement Tips: In-depth insights into structuring vocal elements within a track can be found on Looperman. These tips help producers create engaging vocal arrangements that enrich the overall musical narrative.
  3. Vocal Recording Tricks: Looperman’s community-driven platform also shares innovative recording techniques, enabling producers to capture high-quality vocal performances. These tricks are invaluable for achieving clarity and presence in vocal tracks.


How does SampleSwap stand out as a premier platform for musicians and producers seeking high-quality, royalty-free vocal samples across a multitude of genres?

SampleSwap distinguishes itself through its extensive vocal sample libraries, which include exclusive releases that cater to diverse musical styles. The platform’s robust repository features a vast array of vocal loops, acapellas, and samples that can be seamlessly integrated into music projects. This extensive collection not only meets the needs of different genres but also provides unparalleled flexibility in vocal editing techniques, enabling producers to tailor samples precisely to their creative vision.

Community collaborations are another hallmark of SampleSwap. The platform fosters an interactive environment where artists can share and exchange their vocal samples, enriching the collective resource pool. Such collaborative efforts lead to the continuous expansion of the sample library, ensuring that users have access to fresh and unique vocal elements.

This dynamic ecosystem also facilitates the development of innovative vocal editing techniques, as producers can draw inspiration from the shared works of their peers. In a nutshell, SampleSwap offers a thorough, community-driven solution for acquiring high-quality vocal samples, making it an invaluable asset for any music producer or sound designer.


LANDR stands out in the competitive landscape of vocal sample providers by offering an expertly curated pack of 50 soulful samples tailored for EDM producers. This meticulously crafted collection includes one-shots, loops, and atmospheric sounds, enabling users to enhance their tracks with rich, emotive vocal elements. The pack’s soulful vocals are particularly designed to integrate seamlessly into electronic dance music, ensuring that producers can effortlessly enrich their sonic palette.

Key Features of LANDR’s Vocal Sample Pack

  1. Diverse Sample Types: The pack comprises a variety of one-shots, loops, and atmospheric sounds, providing producers with a broad range of options to experiment with.
  2. Free Sample Pack Access: Users can gain access to this 127 MB treasure trove of sounds by simply creating a free LANDR account, making it an accessible resource for both novice and experienced producers.
  3. High-Quality Soulful Vocals: With 50 high-fidelity samples, this pack guarantees that the soulful vocals maintain their integrity and clarity, ensuring they stand out in any mix.

LANDR’s offering is not just a compilation but a thoughtfully assembled toolkit designed to enhance EDM productions. The ease of sample pack access, coupled with the quality and diversity of the soulful vocals, makes it an invaluable asset for music producers aiming to create compelling tracks.


Cymatics is renowned for its high-caliber vocal sample packs, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of professional music producers.

Their offerings encompass acapellas, vocal chops, loops, and one-shots, catering to a broad spectrum of genres including EDM, trap, and hip-hop.

With royalty-free licensing, these samples are primed for seamless integration into commercial projects, available for immediate download on the Cymatics website.

High-quality Vocal Samples

The Infinity Vocal Collection: Beta Pack by Cymatics stands out as a premier repository of meticulously engineered vocal samples, catering to diverse production needs with its unparalleled quality and versatility. This collection is a veritable goldmine for producers who prioritize high fidelity and creative potential in their projects. The breadth of vocal sample selection within this pack offers an extensive range of textures, timbres, and styles, enabling seamless integration into various production environments.

  1. Vocal Sample Selection and Creative Vocal Editing:

The Infinity Vocal Collection: Beta Pack facilitates an exceptional vocal sample selection process, providing producers with both dry and wet samples. This duality empowers sound designers to execute creative vocal editing with precision, ensuring that each sample can be tailored to the specific tonal and dynamic requirements of a track.

  1. Mixing Vocals:

With its high-quality recording and post-production standards, this pack ensures that mixing vocals becomes a streamlined process. The clarity and depth of the samples allow for effortless layering and blending, enhancing the overall mix without necessitating extensive EQ adjustments or additional processing.

  1. Vocal Processing Techniques:

The samples within this pack are optimized for a variety of vocal processing techniques. Whether employing pitch correction, reverb, or intricate vocal modulation, the inherent quality of these samples guarantees robust and professional outcomes, suitable for any high-end production.

Diverse Genre Selection

An extensive range of vocal sample packs tailored to genres such as EDM, Trap, and Hip-Hop guarantees that producers can achieve genre-specific authenticity and innovation in their tracks. Cymatics excels in providing high-quality acapellas, vocal loops, chops, and one-shots, meticulously curated to suit the intricate demands of each genre.

This diverse genre selection empowers producers to leverage advanced vocal processing techniques and creative vocal manipulation, ensuring their productions resonate with professional-grade quality.

Cymatics’ vocal samples are not just thorough collections but are strategically designed to facilitate seamless integration into various musical contexts. The availability of detailed demos and detailed descriptions for each vocal sample pack simplifies the selection process, allowing producers to make informed decisions.

This meticulous approach aids in optimizing the potential for DIY vocal recording and vocal sample editing, enabling users to customize and adapt samples to fit their unique sonic landscapes.


FreeSound offers a versatile platform for sourcing royalty-free vocal samples, featuring an extensive, user-generated library that can be filtered by genre, BPM, and other advanced search criteria. This platform is a goldmine for those seeking to enhance their vocal production techniques through creative collaborations.

The ability to filter samples by specific parameters guarantees precise vocal sample organization, enabling producers to efficiently locate the exact sound they need.

FreeSound’s commitment to community engagement is evident through its user-driven model, where individuals can contribute and share their own vocal samples. This fosters a collaborative environment that benefits both novice and professional producers alike.

Users also have the opportunity to preview vocal samples before downloading, ensuring that the selected samples fit seamlessly into their projects.

Key benefits of using FreeSound include:

  1. Extensive User-Generated Library: A vast collection of vocal samples contributed by a global community, enhancing the diversity and breadth of available sounds.
  2. Advanced Filtering Options: Efficient search capabilities by genre, BPM, and other criteria, streamlining the sample selection process.
  3. Royalty-Free Assurance: All samples are royalty-free, eliminating legal concerns and enabling hassle-free integration into music productions.

FreeSound stands out as an invaluable resource for vocal sample acquisition, underpinned by robust community engagement and advanced organizational features.

Vocal Downloads

Drawing from the extensive collection of resources offered by FreeSound, Vocal Downloads presents an equally remarkable repository of free vocal sample packs designed for music producers in search of high-quality, professional-grade vocal elements. This platform stands out by providing meticulously curated vocal samples that span various genres and styles, enabling seamless integration into diverse music creation projects.

Vocal Downloads excels in delivering high-grade vocal loops, chops, and one-shots that greatly enhance vocal production workflows. By offering a wide range of vocal elements, the platform caters to both novice and seasoned producers who seek to enhance their sound design and vocal manipulation capabilities.

With an emphasis on clarity and precision, each sample is engineered to meet industry standards, ensuring that producers can achieve professional-sounding results without extensive post-processing.

Furthermore, Vocal Downloads’ extensive catalog includes samples that are particularly suited for complex vocal production techniques such as pitch shifting, time-stretching, and formant modulation. This allows for innovative sound design possibilities, making it an invaluable resource for producers aiming to push the boundaries of their creative output.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get Good Vocal Samples?

For high-quality acapella sources and proper sample licensing, consider websites like Samplesound, Cymatics, LANDR, Ghosthack, MusicRadar, and Loopcrate. These platforms offer a diverse range of royalty-free vocal samples suitable for various music production needs.

Are Cymatics Vocals Royalty Free?

Yes, Cymatics vocals are royalty-free, guaranteeing that Cymatics artists can use them in their productions without additional costs. This guarantees sample legality, providing a secure option for incorporating diverse, high-quality vocal samples into music projects.

What Is Vocal Chop?

A vocal chop is a technique involving the editing and rearranging of vocal samples to create new melodies or rhythms. Advanced vocal editing and chop techniques are employed to manipulate these snippets, enhancing them with effects like reverb and delay.

How to Get Vocal Samples on Reddit?

To obtain vocal samples on Reddit, engage with Reddit communities like r/VocalSamples, where user recommendations and shared resources are abundant. Utilize the search function for specific requests and participate in discussions for collaborative opportunities and expert feedback.


To summarize, the exploration of these seven platforms—Splice, Looperman, SampleSwap, LANDR, Cymatics, FreeSound, and Vocal Downloads—reveals a wide range of resources for procuring high-quality, royalty-free vocal sample packs.

Each platform offers unique features, from Splice’s top-tier artist contributions to Cymatics’ genre-specific collections, catering to diverse production needs.

Leveraging these resources can greatly enhance sound design and production capabilities, providing a complete toolkit for contemporary music producers.

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