Animated Music Video

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Handcrafted Animated Music Video

Market your music in the best way possible, with unique animated music videos!

Promoting your music is more important than ever in today’s music industry. You only have to look on Youtube to see how much difference having a well crafted music video makes to your plays and ultimately, your sales and fanbase. An animated music video is one way to do this, with your characters and stories displayed to the backdrop of your music. Check out this animated music video we made for London based band Dark Link Light.

Animated music videos are a new, unique and engaging way to promote your brand. The videos are created in both 2D & 3D animation with motion graphics and illustrations.

Use our simple design brief below, you give us the information we need to get started on your video. Once you’ve ordered your video, you’ll be assigned one of our designers, who’ll talk you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

Our packages range from 60 to 150 seconds of unique animation, depending on your needs. Given that most songs will be longer than this, we can either use a shortened edited version of your song, or we’ll repeat some of the animated sequences to cover the full length of the song. This is done this to keep production costs down and give you the best deal possible.

The process is streamlined and simple, to make it as easy for you as possible. You’ll get our storyboard template to enter your details. Don’t worry, our designer will talk you through this. The idea is to catch the essence of your video, to really tell your story! We’ll review the script and provide any changes or suggestions that we may have.


At this point, we can discuss and make sure that the package you’ve chosen fits your requirements. For example, you may find your storyboard is is longer than the package allows, so we’ll need to either shorten your storyboard or upgrade your package. Again, the designer is on hand to help you with this.

You can now sit back and relax as our designer gets to work. They’ll design and illustrate the characters and environments. The characters can be mini versions of yourselves! The music is then applied, in time and synced to match your animated video.

Production time for the animated music videos is 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity, visual style, project deadlines and our production schedule at the time.

We’ll let you review the video and if you’re happy with it, we’ll upload it in beautiful 1080p HD resolution so you can download it, and use anywhere, for example; on your website, YouTube, TV, Vimeo or gigs.

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