Top 5 Corporate Event DJs to Elevate Your Function

Planning a corporate event and want to make sure the music leaves a lasting impression? Choosing the right DJ can make all the difference. DJ Evi offers exceptional customer service and customized playlists tailored to your guests’ tastes, while DJ MYNX‘s electro vibe adds a vibrant energy. Tom Floor‘s unique mashups create memorable party atmospheres, and DJ Shai’s professionalism and diverse selection guarantee a stress-free experience. Missy Jay brings electrifying performances with extensive experience to enhance any function. Curious about what makes each of these DJs stand out? Let’s explore further.

Key Takeaways

  • DJ Evi offers customized playlists and high-quality sound equipment for £320 per event.
  • DJ MYNX specializes in electro beats for corporate events at £250 per event.
  • Tom Floor excels in house anthems and unique mashups, priced at £250 per event.
  • DJ Shai brings over 10 years of experience and a diverse music selection for seamless corporate events.
  • Missy Jay, an award-winning DJ, provides high-energy house and techno sets with 20+ years of experience.

DJ Evi

When planning your next corporate event in London, consider DJ Evi, who offers expert DJ services for £320 per event, backed by 8 reviews and 14 bookings. DJ Evi guarantees a stress-free event experience, providing you with peace of mind and a smooth, enjoyable outcome.

One of the standout features of DJ Evi’s services is the high-quality sound equipment used for each event. This attention to equipment quality ensures that the music is crisp, clear, and at the right volume, enhancing the overall ambiance and energy of your corporate event. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for DJ Evi, reflected in the positive reviews from previous clients who’ve praised both the professionalism and reliability offered.

When it comes to music selection, DJ Evi excels at creating a customized playlist tailored to your specific preferences. This personalized approach ensures that the music resonates with your audience, keeping them engaged throughout the event.

Additionally, DJ Evi skillfully manages the event flow, ensuring smooth progressions between speeches, presentations, and dance sessions. This careful coordination helps maintain a steady and enjoyable pace, contributing to a memorable and successful corporate event.


DJ MYNX offers specialized electro/commercial music services for corporate events in London, making them a cost-effective choice at £250 per event. Their ability to create a vibrant corporate ambiance with energetic playlists guarantees that your guests remain engaged and entertained throughout the function.

With DJ MYNX, you can expect:

  • Electro beats that set the perfect tone for any corporate setting.
  • Energetic playlists tailored to keep a diverse audience on their feet.
  • A commitment to curating music that enhances the overall event experience.

DJ MYNX’s expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of corporate events and delivering a musical experience that aligns with those needs. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner or a lively company celebration, DJ MYNX’s electro beats and commercial tracks will seamlessly fit the occasion.

Their approach is detail-oriented, focusing on the nuances that enrich the event atmosphere. By choosing DJ MYNX, you guarantee a memorable and dynamic experience for your attendees, making them an excellent addition to your event planning strategy.

Book DJ MYNX for your next corporate function to enjoy a unique blend of music that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Tom Floor

Tom Floor, a premier corporate event DJ in London, offers his exceptional services at an attractive rate of £250 per event. Specializing in house anthems, floor fillers, and unique mashups, Tom guarantees that your event is filled with high-energy and unforgettable music. His expertise in house music guarantees a night of dancing and good times, making your corporate function stand out.

Tom Floor’s playlist curation is second to none. He customizes his music selection to fit client preferences, creating tailored party playlists that resonate with your event’s theme. Whether you want classic hits or contemporary beats, Tom is adept at mixing tracks to maintain an electrifying atmosphere throughout the night. He also accepts song requests, ensuring your attendees hear their favorite tunes.

In addition to his musical talents, Tom Floor excels in client interactions. He practices punctuality and has a strong work ethic, arriving on time and prepared for each event. His commitment to creating the desired atmosphere is evident in his meticulous preparation and adaptability. When you hire Tom, you’re not just getting a DJ; you’re securing a professional dedicated to making your corporate event a memorable success.

DJ Shai

With over 10 years of experience in providing exceptional entertainment for corporate events, DJ Shai is renowned for their diverse music selection and ability to keep the dance floor lively. DJ Shai’s expertise guarantees that your event planning process is seamless and stress-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event. Their extensive knowledge in music selection means they can cater to various preferences, creating an atmosphere that resonates with all attendees.

Clients consistently praise DJ Shai’s professionalism and punctuality. Arriving early for setup and working diligently throughout the event, DJ Shai ensures a smooth experience from start to finish.

Here’s why DJ Shai stands out:

  • Effortless Event Planning: DJ Shai offers a stress-free guarantee, ensuring your event runs smoothly without any hitches.
  • Diverse Music Selection: Whether it’s classic hits or the latest tracks, DJ Shai’s playlist keeps the energy high and the dance floor packed.
  • Professionalism: Punctuality and dedication are hallmarks of DJ Shai, as noted in glowing client testimonials.

Choosing DJ Shai means opting for reliability and excellence, ensuring your corporate function is a memorable success. Let DJ Shai enhance your next event with their unmatched skills and experience.

Missy Jay

Missy Jay’s electrifying performances and award-winning production skills have made her a standout choice for corporate events worldwide. Based in London, she’s captivated audiences at prestigious venues like Pacha Ibiza and Ministry of Sound. With over 20 years of experience, Missy Jay has built a strong reputation in the international music scene, guaranteeing that your event benefits from her extensive expertise.

Her versatility is one of her greatest assets. Missy Jay masterfully blends house, techno, and electronic beats, creating a unique sound tailored to your event’s vibe. This ability to seamlessly integrate various genres ensures that she can cater to diverse corporate audiences, keeping everyone engaged and entertained.

Missy Jay’s high-energy sets are designed to connect with the audience, making her a top choice for corporate events. Her dynamic presence and interactive style not only enhance the atmosphere but also foster participation, guaranteeing that your guests have an unforgettable experience.

Whether you’re hosting a high-profile gala, a company milestone celebration, or a networking event, Missy Jay’s award-winning talent and versatile music style make her an ideal DJ to elevate your function to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Most Respected DJ in the World?

You’d find Carl Cox is the most respected DJ in the world. His DJ history spans three decades, covering various music genres, showcasing his technical skills, and creating unforgettable experiences. He’s a true pioneer in electronic music.

Who Is the No. 1 Dj?

When considering DJ equipment and music genres, the no. 1 DJ is often Rudimental, thanks to their chart-topping hits and dynamic performances. They excel at creating an unforgettable atmosphere that resonates across diverse music genres.

What Makes a Good Party Dj?

A good party DJ excels in crowd engagement and music versatility. They craft customized playlists, guarantee punctuality, and smoothly move between event segments. Their strong work ethic and focus on client satisfaction promise an unforgettable experience.

Who Is a Well-Known Dj?

When you think of famous DJs, DJ legends like Rudimental and Basement Jaxx come to mind. They’ve revolutionized the dance music scene with their innovative tracks and unforgettable performances, making them household names in the industry.


In choosing one of these top-tier DJs, you’re ensuring your corporate event is a standout success. DJ Evi’s customized playlists and exceptional service, DJ MYNX’s vibrant electro beats, Tom Floor’s unique mashups, DJ Shai’s professionalism, and Missy Jay’s electrifying performances will enhance your function.

Each brings a distinct flair, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience. So, don’t hesitate—book one of these top 5 DJs and watch your event come to life with unparalleled energy and style.

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