The Ultimate Guide To Programming Drums

This past couple of weeks, we’ve been reading through a new eBook on programming drums from Chris Nothdurfter.

Chris has been producing for ten years and he’s worked with many bands alongside his own projects. During this time, he’s learned the many skills needed to program drums and the best strategies for building grooves that perfectly fit the music it’s being applied to.

We’ve been in the music industry and producing ourselves for over 15 years now and we thought we’d seen it all but reading through this eBook, a whopping 154 pages, we realised we still have a few things to learn. Because of that, this Ebook will not only be useful for people starting out producing but also seasoned professionals looking to add a few extra programming skills.

Check out the following Youtube teaser trailer.

The book starts out explaining the parts of the drum kit before moving onto midi basics and mapping. After this, the book takes you through several genres, from pop to rock, teaching how to build complex grooves. There’s also a great section on humanising beats and how to move away from those rigid digital drums.

Timing is up next, taking you through various time signatures. The eBook then finishes off with a great section on mixing tips.

To accompany your learning, the eBook comes with downloadable MIDI files, containing all the grooves and fills as described in the book. Another great bonus!

All in all, this is a very in-depth guide to programming your drums. Although it’s squarely aimed at people producing rock and pop music, the theory behind it will be very useful for electronic music producers.

The Ebook costs $12.99, which works out at a very reasonable £8.50. If you’re interested in learning more or buying this Ebook, then Click Here!

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