Social Media Shout Out

 Social Media Shout Out

Increase your brand with one of our shout outs.

Getting seen and heard on social media is never easy these days. With each platform being so busy, it’s hard to get noticed. We an help you with this. Over there years, we’ve built a large music based social media following. We can use this to promote you via our platforms. This is a great way to gain fans or promote your music.

We offer several shout out packages that can grow your following quickly and improve your visibility to new fans. Currently we offer promotion via;

Twitter (Product_London 222,000 followers),

Instagram (Product_London_Studio 65,000 followers),

Facebook (ProductLondon 6000 followers)

Our Blog (Product London 22,000 subscribers)

Music Promotion

How We Do It

Once we receive your shout out brief, one of our experts will be in touch to discuss timings and frequency of your posts. For example, if you choose the package with 10 tweets, we’ll work out the best posting strategy for your needs. This includes hashtag research for the best results.

We’ll also discuss any improvements or changes we can make to your tweets or posts.

Once we’ve had the initial discussion, we’l then get everything scheduled. Whilst everything is in the scheduled phase, you can update or make edits to the posts.

Once the posts are up on our pages, they stay there forever, unlike some other services that take them down after a given time. This is great for getting continued promotion.

How The Payment Works

You’re not tied into anything. It’s a one off payment that gives you exactly what is stated in the package contents.

The Process

Initial consultation – Once you place your order and send your information, we’ll go through and discuss the project with you.

Setup – Once you ok everything, we’ll schedule everything in. You can still make any changes you want at this point.

Posting – We’ll then work through all the posts outlined in the package you have chosen.

Review figures – We constantly check and review the figures on a daily basis to make sure you’re getting the best promotion.

Feedback & improvements – All along the way, we’ll keep in touch with you to make sure you’re happy with how it’s going.

Why Choose Product London

With over 30 years experience working in the music industry, we’re well placed to understand your needs. Our social media experts will take the time to listen and get the information needed to provide the shout outs.

We want to give you peace of mind when booking a service through us. That’s why we offer a full money back guarantee up until and including the initial work. We want to ensure you’re going to get a service you’re 100% happy with.


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