As time goes by and the weather gets colder, one could tell, who ever went to the German black forest it could bean extremely creative dark cosmos perfect for creating new sounds. It was from within this sphere the producer duo Paul Hoffer and Christopher Kusterer came together and became PHCK.

Chris as DJ and Paul as a classical musician started creating music together at the Yoshiwara Studio in late 2013. Soon, some tracks came together and people started to appreciate their music and encourage the duo to create more.

2014 became a busy year as they played together at Ozon Club, Pforzheim, which built up a steady reputation in its 20 years club experience for newcomers and experiments, along with releasing their output to the world, and therefore cementing their union as PHCK further.

Sharing the passion and a vision to elaborate an ecstatic and sophisticated sound PHCK work exceedingly well together. Classical piano elements and violinist tracks are accompanied in an exclusive release. The music is a transformation of their own emotion, which doesn’t mean there’s only black or white. It’s a reflection of musical sensitivity – of love, hope, grief, reflectiveness and sometimes a cold and dark emptiness.

“Native, honest and a touch mysterious, this music should be listened by everyone who is ready to admit feelings”

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