Make Your Own Web TV Program

Make Your Own Web TV Program

Visualize your music – go synaesthetic with a custom DJ-VJ Mix!

Take your audience on a trip: A full blown, individual VJ mix, using your artwork and matching visuals, arranged, performed and recorded by experienced VJ artists to accompany your DJ Mix, album mix, jam session recording or radio show. We believe that your music rocks, so let’s show it!

An audiovisual mix session will engage your audience deeply for a long time and is likely to be viewed full screen on the audiences viewing devices – often enough a big HD telly.

Unfold the whole panorama of your musical world in front of viewers everywhere or take it out there – as background visuals for your live show.

There are 3 revision rounds included in the price of the audio-reactive package. This will usually be enough to make any changes you want, ensuring you’re 100% happy with your final video.

Once you’ve reviewed and confirmed you’re happy with the video, you’ll receive your  audiovisual track as single, standalone h.264 QuickTime video clip in HD Quality for individual use during concerts and in clubs as well as a ready-to-upload audiovisual clip in the length of your track. (720p or 1080p option available).

Length of Video
Video Size 720p - Total Cost in GBP
Video Size 1080p - Total Cost in GBP
Turnaround Times
1 - 10 mins
3 days
11 - 20 mins
4 days
21 - 40 mins
5 days
41 - 60 mins
6 days


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