Social Media Growth

Social Media Growth

Build an effective social media following and increase sales.

A good social media following builds a great first impression. By sending the right impression to potential customers, it helps them choose you over the competition. You can use social media as a lead generation tool, to get client through the door.

We have highly skilled social media experts that can grow your following quickly and improve your interaction with the ultimate goal of more sales.

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The Process

Target audience – Once you start working with us, we work out your target audience and find them using keywords and other tools.

Which accounts – Once we know your target audience, we’ll discuss which social media accounts will be most beneficial to build.

Begin implementation – Once you’re happy with the target audience & accounts, we start work on building your numbers.

Review figures – We constantly check and review the figures on a daily basis to make sure you’re following is building to capacity.

Feedback & improvements – All along the way, we’ll keep in touch with you to make sure you’re happy with how it’s going and also to make any changes to target audience.

Our Clients

Here’s some of the clients we are currently working with. Hover over the logo and click the link to see one of their social media platforms (Instagram or Twitter).

Why Choose Product London

With over 30 years experience working in the design industry, we’re well placed to understand your needs. Our social media experts will take the time to listen and get the information needed to grow your social media following

We want to give you peace of mind when booking a design through us. That’s why we offer a full money back guarantee up until and including the initial work. We want to ensure you’re going to get a social media following you’re 100% happy with and will convert into sales for a long time.

£50 per month£500 yearly
One month of social media growth (billed monthly)One year of social media growth (billed yearly)
Target keyword and hastags to find audienceTarget keyword and hastags to find audience
Average of 40 - 50 Instagram followers per dayAverage of 40 - 50 Instagram followers per day
Average of 20 - 30 Twitter followers per dayAverage of 20 - 30 Twitter followers per day
Full money back guarantee!Full money back guarantee!


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