Design Services

Getting The Right Design Service

A good design service can be the making of your band/artist brand and is commonly overlooked.  A lot of the music industry is driven by looks and appearance and design service is no different. A music logo that stands out and captures your style, is a substantial tool in promoting and pushing yourself.

An impressive design service can bring your brand a sense of integrity and authority which will, in turn, give you a more professional appearance. With vast experience from previous musical projects, we offer a cost effective and easy process, creating the perfect design service for your brand.

How It Works

The following outlines how we work, from start to finish.  At all stages of the process, we offer you as much control as possible over your music logo. You may have some ideas for your music logo and our job is to take those ideas and create a logo design that you’ll love and be proud to use.

First Development Stage

Once you’ve chosen your design service package, you’ll be redirected to design service brief page, where you enter all the information we need to start your design and make payment. To create the perfect design it’s important that we understand your ideas and get a feel for your style, so please send as much information as possible. As well as a detailed brief we’ll ask you for imagery and other logos for inspiration. This gives us a great base to start with, ensuring we start off with the correct ideas. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas for your design, our designers can get to work based on a very few details.

Once we have enough information, we’ll start working on your design. As we work through our ideas, we will send you concepts (the amount will be based on the package you choose), giving you the chance to give us feedback on our progress.

Continual Development & Evaluation

Once we receive your comments and suggestions on the first draft, we’ll continue working and implement them into your music design. This process is repeated until you’re happy with the design. Working this way keeps you involved, allowing input at all stages.

Last Stage

Once you’re 100% satisfied with your design we’ll send you the final high resolution files. The format will depend on the package you’ve chosen.  If there’s other formats you need, please let us know at the start of the project.  Some of the formats we can send include JPEG, PNG (transparent background) formats as well as a vector graphic (EPS/AI), which is ideal for media and printing.

We’ll keep backups of your music design files in case you lose or damage your original copies.  This is also useful incase you want any changes to your logo in the future.


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