3 Best YouTube Channels About Techno Music Production

This huge platform is probably first what comes to mind when we want to learn how to do something. Although, as you I’m sure know, YouTube easily becomes a void where all your time goes into. So, one should carefully step into this territory of learning and entertainment.

I believe that I have somewhat good control of how much time I spend watching YouTube. One of many reasons why is sticking to the channels I like.

Today I want to share three best YouTube channels about music production which I find very informative, easy to understand, and easy to apply to your own production right away.

You might know and watch them yourself already, or not like them, or think that there’s something even better (please share them with us in the comments below then – good knowledge resources should be spread).

I prefer these channels because I learned a lot from them and it allowed me to progress.

Also, very often they have short videos which is the best value for your time.

Finish More Music


Go to playlists tab and you’ll see various topics of music production that have short and actionable videos.

The DAW in the examples is Ableton but the concepts and tricks covered are applicable to any software.

Also, pay attention to free racks they give out. My favorite one is the “FMM drone rack“, because you can drop it on any sound and it instantly makes them more interesting.

Julien Earle


Music producer who writes music in techno genre but his tutorials cover other genres too.

What I like about his approach in teaching is that he demonstrates how to make music in the style of a particular artist or a group of artists. I think it inspires to get to work and apply the knowledge right away because it allows to make music similar to the style of the artists you like (if he covers it).

Even if he doesn’t cover some artist you like the tutorials about a particular type of sound is still very useful.

Another thing I like about Julien’s channel is the simplicity in the sound design. It’s mostly (if not exclusively…I’m not sure) Ableton’s instruments, so if you use this DAW you can repeat the steps right away and not trouble yourself into buying a plug-in that is being demonstrated like on many other channels.

On top of that he offers all the projects from his videos for a download and digging deeper into them for a small price.



There’s not a lot of videos on it and it’s more on the entertainment side but somehow I used knowledge from it in my production.

Like Julien’s channel, it too covers mainly how to write music in a particular genre or a certain artist. But with added humor to music production. Which I really like because that lifts off the seriousness of music making and turns it into having fun, inspires to experiment, and not to be constricted by any rules.


I hope you will check these channels out if you haven’t already (and support them by subscribing if you liked them).

There are other channels I follow and that are full of different information but I picked these three because I use something from them more often than from other channels, that’s why I consider them the best YouTube channels about music production and recommend them.

Written by Arina, Orginal Article Published

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