20% Off Beginner’s Guide To Ableton Live

This MacProVideo beginner’s guide to Ableton Live by Ableton expert Bill Burgess is designed to get every Live newbie up and making tracks fast! So, if you’re looking to go Ableton Live, start right here, right now with this entertaining and informative course! You can get 20% off the course by clicking here.

Beginner's Guide To Ableton Live

MacProVideo had a lot of requests for a very basic, intro course to complement their huge library of intermediate and advanced Ableton Live courses. Well, here it is, the beginner’s guide to Ableton Live! Bill Burgess created this new course to take you on an Ableton Live journey… starting right from the very beginning!

You learn everything, step-by-step, from installing Live to starting to produce your very first track. Speaking of tracks, Bill carefully explains the difference between Tracks, Clips, Scenes, Session View and Arrangement View and how you can put them all to work in your productions! From there you build your first Live project. The entertaining Mr. B. explains how to create a beat, record a bass, add effects and much, much more.

Next up is a section for DJs where Bill teaches you how to Warp, set up a Cue Mix and prepare a Live DJ set. The final sections of this course contain a collection of tutorials that teach you how to use controllers followed by some tutorials divulging some of his pro production tips and tricks!

So learn the basics of Ableton Live in this introductory course and then move on to master the more advanced techniques in their huge, ever-expanding library Ableton courseware library!

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